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Traffic & DUI Enforcement Training

There are nearly 50 Traffic & DUI Enforcement courses on the schedule, including three new Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for Law Enforcement courses, DDACTS, ARIDE, SFSTs, DRE, Laser/RADAR, Marine Enforcement Operations and two new advanced motorcycle courses! Plus, several courses are free for Florida LEOs!

IPTM Announces Online Trimble Forensics Courses

We are pleased to announce three new online courses have been developed through a partnership with Trimble® Inc. to provide training for law enforcement on Trimble Forensics solutions. Trimble Forensics provides a complete, end-to-end hardware and software solution designed specifically to help law enforcement and private sector agencies handle the toughest information-collection challenges. Read more.

Finish 2018 Strong!

Have you met your 2018 professional development goals? We're here for you with more than 50 courses available through the end of the year in – crash, criminal and drug investigations, crime scene forensics, FTO, hostage negotiations, leadership and management, tactical operations, traffic and DUI enforcement, and 10 new webinars. Let us help you achieve your 2018 training goals!



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View Florida Grant-Funded Training

Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction
  1/28, Jacksonville, FL

DRE Instructor
  1/28, Jacksonville

Applied Physics for the Traffic Crash Investigator
  1/29, Oklahoma City, OK

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) School
  2/18, Tampa, FL

Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction
  2/19, Lakeland, FL

Establishing a LE Mental Health Response Unit
  6/26, Jacksonville, FL (NEW!)

Medical Foundations of Visual Systems Testing
  6/19, Largo, FL

Special Event Planning & Management
  6/19, Aventura, FL

Data Driven Approaches to Crime & Traffic Safety
  6/20, Jacksonville, FL

At-Scene Traffic Crash/Homicide Inv.
  7/8, Murphreesboro, TN

Managing the Patrol Function
  8/12, Murphreesboro, TN

Police Traffic Laser/RADAR Instructor
  8/13, Fort Pierce, FL

Police Applicant Background Investigation
  8/26, Murphreesboro, TN

New Online Courses!

Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for LE

Advanced Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for LE