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2019 Symposium Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to announce Steven Casstevens and Judy Pal as the keynote speakers for the 2019 Symposium on Traffic Safety, June 3-6, in Orlando, Florida. Open for details!

Crime Scene Forensics/Criminal Investigations Training

The latest Crime Scene Forensics/Criminal Investigations schedule is available! This week we've featured Digital Photography for Law Enforcement (June 12-14) and Deviant Sexual Behavior and Related Criminal Activity (July 22-26). Open to learn more.

Field Training Officer & Telecommunications Training

IPTM's field training programs offer an innovative approach to deliver a dynamic, hard-hitting and fast-paced classroom experience that will prepare you to successfully train and mentor a new recruit. Our telecommunications courses will provide you with the best and latest practices to use when training new telecommunicators and managing your communications center.


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  Symposium on
     Traffic Safety

* Just Scheduled * 

Ped/Bicycle Crash Inv. - Level I
  5/13, Miami Beach, FL

DWI Detection and SFST
  6/10, Ocala, FL

  6/13, Ocala, FL

  6/20, Chipley, FL

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) School
  7/8, Indian River Shores, FL

At-Scene Traffic Crash/Traffic Hom. Inv.
  8/5, Daytona Beach, FL

Adv. Analysis of Drivers' Responses
  8/16, West Chester, OH

Ped/Bicycle Crash Investigation Level I
  8/26, Daytona Beach, FL

EDR in TCR - Level I
  9/16, Daytona Beach, FL

Interviews and Interrogations
  9/23, Gretna, LA

Energy Methods in TCR
  10/28, West Chester, OH

New Online Courses!

Florida DRE Recertification Training
Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for LE 
Advanced Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for LE 
Police Traffic Laser/RADAR Instructor