Allan Kolak

Lieutenant Allan Kolak began his law enforcement career in May of 1996 as a road deputy with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. He obtained employment with the Cape Coral Police Department in May of the following year. Lieutenant Kolak is currently assigned as a Watch Commander in the Patrol Bureau. Lieutenant Kolak has also acted in the capacity as a Captain in both the Special Operations Bureau and the Professional Standards Bureau. 

Lieutenant Kolak has been a supervisor in the following: Office of the Chief as the Public Affairs Officer supervising Victim’s Advocates and the Planning and Research Unit; Patrol Bureau, FTO Coordinator / Administrator / Manager, Professional Standards Bureau supervising the Personnel, Accreditation, Internal Affairs, and Training Unit; Special Operations Bureau of the Cape Coral Police Department as a supervisor in charge of the SITE (Substance Impairment Training and Enforcement) Unit, Drug Recognition Experts, Traffic Homicide Investigators and the K-9 unit. Lieutenant Kolak has also served as a road patrol officer, School Resource Officer, DUI officer and Traffic Homicide Investigator. Lieutenant Kolak was a Field Training Officer during the years 2000 through 2007 until he was promoted. He had been in the D.U.I. Enforcement Unit from 1998 through 2003 and 2004 through 2009, completing over two thousand D.U.I. investigations. Lieutenant Kolak has authored a mutual aid agreement, “Multi-Jurisdictional Traffic Task Force”, which encompasses more than fifteen agencies and the Cape Coral Police Department Field Training and Evaluation Program Manual for newly hired officers and newly promoted sergeants. He has conducted numerous Internal Affairs investigations and reviewed all department vehicle damage reports and uses of force incidents. 

Lieutenant Kolak serves as the D.R.E. Region II Regional Coordinator for the State of Florida. He is an instructor in Vehicle Operations, Firearms, TASER CEW, Verbal Defense and Influence, Manadnock Baton, Patrol rifle, OC, and a Force Science Analyst. Lieutenant Kolak assisted in the research, test and evaluation, implementation, training, and deployment of the Body Worn Camera systems for the Cape Coral Police Department.  

Lieutenant Kolak has been an adjunct instructor for the Institute of Police Technology and Management since 1998. He instructs classes all over the State of Florida and has also taught in several other states with the International Association of Chiefs of Police and/or IPTM. He is also a Professional Services Consultant for Axon in the area of Body Worn Cameras and In-car Cameras. 

Course Expertise

  • Leadership and Management
  • Online Training
  • Traffic/DUI