John Daily

John Daily joined the IPTM Adjunct Staff in 1982 and immediately began teaching the Advanced and Reconstruction classes. He retired in 2002 after over 25 years of service with the Teton County Sheriff’s Office, rising to the rank of Patrol Sergeant. He currently owns Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations, Inc.

            Mr. Daily began his law enforcement career in Teton County, WY. His assignments included Training, Patrol and Detectives. He was a rifleman on the tactical team for twenty years. He was responsible for many aggravated vehicular homicide investigations during his tenure, not only for his agency, but for other agencies around the State. At the time of his retirement, he was certified by Wyoming POST as a General Instructor.

            Mr. Daily has a BSME from Purdue University, which he received in 1972. Mr. Daily graduated from the University of Wyoming in May 2008 with the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree. His research topic was “A Method for Vehicle-Wooden Utility Pole Impact Speed Analysis”.

            His crash investigation training began in 1979 with a Basic course from Central Missouri State. He continued on with Technical and Reconstruction from Northwestern University, and then took one of the first Reconstruction classes offered by IPTM. Since that time, Mr. Daily has attended numerous other classes and seminars in the field, both as a student and as a presenter and teacher. He has written many articles and papers, and is a sought after speaker for seminars around the country.

            Mr. Daily, along with other analysts, has conducted fundamental research in several areas of traffic crash reconstruction, validating the analysis presented in his textbooks. With Nathan Shigemura, he has developed three advanced courses in Crash Reconstruction for IPTM programs.

            Mr. Daily wrote his first book, “Fundamentals of Traffic Accident Reconstruction”, in 1988. He collaborated with Nate Shigemura on the book “Fundamentals of Applied Physics for Traffic Accident Investigators” in 1997. In 2006, in collaboration with Nate Shigemura and Dr. Jeremy Daily, he wrote his third textbook, “Fundamentals of Traffic Crash Reconstruction”. This textbook is used both as a reference and as a textbook for five IPTM classes, including Vehicle Dynamics, Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Traffic Crash Reconstruction Update, Energy Methods and Damage Analysis, and Applied Physics. In addition, selected problems from the textbook have been used in the mechanical engineering curricula at Purdue University, the University of Tulsa, and the University of Wyoming

Course Expertise

  • Crash Investigation