Alun Ellis

Mr. Ellis entered law enforcement in 1966 and last served as a police officer in the Town of Kirkland, New York, retiring in 2004.  Alun began LE training in 1975, and has served with the IPTM staff since 1985.

His prior experience includes being a Law Enforcement Sergeant with the USAF and is a Viet Nam veteran.  During ten years with the Oneida County Sheriff Department he served as a Patrol Deputy, Road Patrol Sergeant, Traffic Grant Co-ordinator, TRIAD Officer, Accident Reconstructionist and Assistant Director of the Mohawk Valley Law Enforcement Academy.  He has served as S.R.O. in Whitestown, NY as well as D.A.R.E. Officer in Whitestown and Kirkland.  Alun served fourteen years as a Senior Training Technician, Unit Supervisor and Assistant Director of the Traffic Safety Unit of the NYS Bureau for Municipal Police. 

Alun was active in Accident Reconstruction serving as Director of  M.R.Ellis & Assoc and as a Reconstructionist with International Specialist Services, Syracuse, NY.  He has an extensive teaching background in accident investigation, as well as DWI Enforcement, traffic enforcement, breath test and RADAR operation; and is a FLETC certified EVOC instructor.  He has presented training courses and seminars across the US and his technical writings were adopted by New York and presented in their original municipal police accident investigation courses.  Alun retired from law enforcement and his private investigation concerns. 

Alun holds an A.A.S. in Police Science and a B.P.S. in Criminal Justice.  He held ACTAR certification and is a member of the NYSTARS.

Course Expertise

  • Crash Investigation