Alan Hart

Mr. Alan Hart joined the staff of IPTM in 2003 as an adjunct instructor.  He has served as an instructor for the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy, Gulf Coast Community College and several other Academies through out Florida.  He is a Florida Certified instructor for general subjects and high liability specialized instruction.

            His law enforcement career began in 1975 with the City of Valparaiso, Florida as a city law enforcement officer.  In 1977 he became a Florida Highway Patrol State Trooper, while working with the Florida Highway Patrol he promoted to Traffic Homicide Investigator and then to Law Enforcement Sergeant.  While serving as a District supervisor, a specialized squad of Traffic Homicide Investigators was created and he transferred into the Traffic Homicide Squad as the supervisor.  He became a Reconstructionist and was the supervisor for the squad until his retirement in 2008.  After retirement he was employed by the Department of Correction for the State of Florida as an Inspector General (Internal Affairs).

            He has been accepted as an expert witness in crash reconstruction and a Subject Matter expert in Crash investigation.  He helped in the rewriting of the curriculum in crash investigation for the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training for the basic Law Enforcement Officer.  He is a member of ACTAR (Accredited Commission on Traffic Accident Reconstruction) and has been self-employed as a crash reconstruction specialist and an Adjunct Instructor since his retirement.

Course Expertise

  • Crash Investigation