Edward Livesay

Ed Livesay joined IPTM’s staff as an adjunct instructor in 2008 and continues to serve as a licensed civilian collision reconstruction investigator and consultant to many insurers, legal firms and North Carolina Law Enforcement agencies.  Ed served as a police patrolman and detective for 16 years at the Garner Police Department and has been certified and practicing as an instructor for over 30 years, having taught or lectured in over 250 courses related to accident investigation and reconstruction.

Livesay was Valedictorian in North Carolina Justice Academy’s 4th graduating Basic Law Enforcement Training class (1978) and has over 2000 hours in contact classroom training and earned an undergraduate degree in Police Science and Investigations from St. Johns University (LA) in 1994.  Livesay also attained A.C.T.A.R. accreditation in 1994 and is a member of N.A.P.A.R.S.  He has authored or co-authored several articles published by entities including the Society of Automotive Engineers and the Accident Investigation Quarterly and has been nationally published on three occasions.

Ed has testified as an expert witness over 300 times in venues ranging from Magistrate’s Court, District and Superior Court, to Federal and Military Courts in North Carolina and surrounding states.  He has formally reconstructed more than 900 collision events involving cars, cycles and commercial trucks.

Course Expertise

  • Crash Investigation