Sean Finney

Sergeant Sean Finney began his career in public safety by attending the Polk State College Police Academy in 1999.  Upon graduation, Sergeant Finney started his employment at the Lakeland Police Department as a part-time reserve officer in March of 2000.

In July 2000, Sergeant Finney became a full-time Police Officer and served in the following capacities: Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Breath Test Operator, Honor Guard member and CID Detective. In 2002, he transferred to the DUI Unit as a DUI Enforcement Officer. Sergeant Finney has made over 1,500 DUI arrests and conducted or been a part of over 100 drug evaluations on drug impaired drivers.  Additionally, he has administered the SFST battery to over 5000 suspected impaired drivers, been the lead THI on fatal crashes and been recognized by FDOT and MADD on several occasions.

As a DUI Officer, he has served in the capacity of an acting supervisor on two different occasions that were each over 6 months in length where he supervised the following components:  DUI Unit, Aviation Unit, Dive Team, Special Ops Equipment.  In 2012, Sergeant Finney was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Sections as a Property Crimes detective. Then pending an upcoming promotion, Sergeant Finney was reassigned to Uniform Patrol Division in August 2012 as an acting supervisor until his promotion to Sergeant in June 2013.

Sergeant Finney has completed numerous hours of advanced traffic training with an emphasis in the detection of impaired drivers. Sergeant Finney has completed the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DRE) and is currently a DUI Instructor.  Sergeant Finney has been an alternate member of Florida TAC (Technical Advisory Committee on DUI Enforcement and Prosecution) since 2004 and an Adjunct Instructor Polk State College since 2009. 

As a Sergeant, he has served as a Patrol Supervisor and a coordinator at the Kenneth C. Thompson Institute of Public Safety at Polk State College which is the only CALEA Gold Standard Accredited Academy in the nation. Sgt. Finney was in charge of two Academy classes and assisted/coordinated Advanced and Specialized training as well.  During this time, he helped develop, update and modify curriculum along with ensuring compliance with national accreditation standards.  He supervised the Field Training Program from 2014-2016 and had over 30 field training officers that report to him and has successfully supervised thirty-nine recruit through the LPD FTO program.   Additionally, as part of this assignment he also runs the 7 week LPD Mini-Academy.  Finally, Sgt. Finney assists with all In-Service and department mandated training that takes place for the agency. Currently Sergeant Finney supervises the School Resource Unit that has 9 officer assigned to it.

Sergeant Finney has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Polk State College and is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree at Polk State College. As an Adjunct Instructor for Polk State College he teaches in the following disciplines: Firearms, Firearms Instructor, Vehicle Operations, Vehicle Operations Instructor, Speed Measurement, DUI, Field Training Officer, Reality based training, Instructor Techniques, Traffic Stops, and Dart Firing Stun Gun (TASER).

Course Expertise

  • Traffic/DUI