John Hinton

 John began his career in law enforcement in 1979 as a conservation law enforcement officer for a park district in the State of Illinois. He left the agency to assume the position as a patrol officer in a small municipal department. While there, John was a training officer, evidence technician and was later promoted to sergeant. John left the agency to join a larger university police department where he fulfilled the duties as a training officer, vice officer and member of the Tactical Response Unit. During the eleven years John was with Illinois agencies, he was a Primary Instructor for the Police Training Institute located at the University of Illinois. His teaching assignments began as a firearms instructor and progressed to include defensive tactics, first responder, crimes in progress response and patrol tactics. In addition, John assisted in the development and publication of two training manuals dealing with the use of impact weapons.

In 1990, John moved to Florida and joined the staff of IPTM as a Training Specialist assigned to Drug Programs area. During the next nine years, John taught and helped develop many training programs in the Drug, FTO, Management & Supervisions sections. In 1993, John was certified as a law enforcement officer by CJSTC in the State of Florida. John maintained his certification by working as a reserve officer with the Florida Marine Patrol which transitioned into the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

In 1999, John accepted a position with the Florida State College of Jacksonville (FSCJ), Criminal Justice Training Center to teach and coordinate the Basic Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer Curriculums. After two years, John was recruited to join the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office as a Training Specialist assigned to the Training Center. In 2003, with the support of his wife and children, John decided to return to full-time law enforcement. After successful completion of the FTO Program, John was assigned to Patrol on the midnight shift for two years. John was then assigned to a specialized enforcement unit working high crime apartment complexes. In September 2006, John was transferred to the Detective Division where he worked as a Detective in Auto Theft, Aggravated Battery, and Homicide Units. John is currently assigned to the Robbery Unit.

In addition to his police duties, John is an Adjunct Instructor with FSCJ and continues to teach and learn from recruit officers. John is certified by CJSTC as a General Instructor, DT, Firearms, RADAR, Laser and Driving Instructor. In addition, John is a CMS Instructor for General Topics, Firearms, DT and Driving in the State of Florida Basic Recruit Training Program. John has published articles in POLICE Magazine, The Tactical Edge, Police Marksman, The Florida Narcotic Journal, The ASLET Journal and SWAT Magazine.

Course Expertise

  • Crime Scene Forensics