Kenneth Schul

Lieutenant Ken Schul is a recent and much anticipated addition to the Institute of Police Technology and Management adjunct staff. His experience in the field of Law Enforcement management is extensive ranging from patrol supervision, crime scene unit commander, to property and evidence room management responsibilities. The IPTM course materials presented within the Property and Management manual are the compilation of his first hand experience in the field of Property and Evidence Room Management.

          Ken began his law enforcement career in 1988 with the City of Charlotte Police Department and served in street patrol, taking on the responsibility of field training officer, and very quickly was assigned to the Felony Investigations Division. In 1995, Ken was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He has held numerous additional assignments to round out his experience as a Patrol Sergeant, Community Coordinator Sergeant, and the Street Drug Task Force Sergeant. During his tenure as a Sergeant he was assigned as the Crime Scene Manager for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and also supervised the Forensic Photo Lab, which included the assignment of maintaining control of the Property and Evidence Room of the agency. Ken is currently serving as a Lieutenant in the Northeast Service area of Patrol operations in the city Charlotte, NC.   Ken has taught Property and Evidence Management all over the United States.  His knowledge of packaging, chain of custody issues and court documentation comes from his vast experience in the law enforcement profession.

          With more than 30 years of Law Enforcement related experience and consultation on the job in North Carolina and with other agencies across the United States, involving the task of Property and Evidence Room Management, Lt. Schul has developed exceptional expertise in all aspects of the law enforcement evidence custody management model and he welcomes yet another week with you, as you work together to find solutions to your Property and Evidence Room challenges in search of applicable “best practices” for your agency.

Course Expertise

  • Crime Scene Forensics