Michael Snow

            Michael Snow joined the IPTM adjunct staff in 1996, where he has taught classes in At-Scene Crash Investigation, Advanced Crash Investigations, and Reconstruction.  He is retired from the Indianapolis Police Department, where he managed the Crash Investigation/Fatality Unit.  He was the department’s senior Reconstructionist and Crash Investigations Instructor.  With all of his responsibilities, he was also the Commander of the Deaf Relations Unit, where he was the Sign Language Interpreter and Instructor.


            Mike Snow’s background in law enforcement began in 1974 when he joined the Lawrence Police Department in Lawrence, Indiana (suburb of Indianapolis).  In 1984, he joined the Indianapolis Police Department and requested to be assigned to the Crash Investigations Unit.  He spent several years on the street and was promoted to Hit & Run detective in 1988.  In 1996, he took over the office of Crash Investigation/Fatality Unit and continues to teach at the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Academy and the Indianapolis Police Department Training Academy.


            Mike Snow has an impressive training background.  He has completed numerous training programs in the field of highway safety and traffic investigations including At Scene, Advanced, Reconstruction, Commercial Vehicles, Pedestrians, Motorcycle, Advanced Accident Investigation with the use of Micro Computers, Computerized Collision Diagramming and many more.  He also held the office as Director then vice-president of the Indiana Association of Certified Accident Investigators several years before his retirement.

Course Expertise

  • Crash Investigation