Edward Judy

Detective Ed Judy (retired) began his Law Enforcement career in 1987 when he joined the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.  During his career with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Detective Judy worked as Patrol Deputy, Criminal Investigations Detective, and Criminal Investigations Supervisor.  In 1993 Detective Judy became an Investigator in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), serving as a detective in the Burglary and Pawn Unit.  In 1995 Detective Judy was assigned the Tactical Apprehension and Control Unit (TAC). In that capacity, he had a myriad of assignments, including undercover investigations involving property crimes and surveillance operations (both long term and strategic).  Additionally, Detective Judy was involved in numerous protracted investigations that included operating covert undercover pawn shops, wire intercepts, surveillance techniques, interdiction investigations, and authoring and executing search warrants.  Detective Judy has been the case agent on nationwide and international organized theft rings with ties to international terrorism.  During these investigations, Detective Judy worked joint investigations with the FBI, Secret Service, US Marshals and US Customs, resulting in more than 50 arrests nationwide.


In 2003 Detective Judy was assigned to the Homicide Unit, where he served as a Detective and Supervisor until his retirement in 2013.  During his 10 years as a Homicide Investigator, Detective Judy was the lead case agent in 30 Homicide investigations, assistant case agent in over 30 additional Homicide investigations, and participated in over 100 Homicide investigations.  While assigned to Homicide, Detective Judy investigated officer involved shootings, suicides, unattended deaths, sexual batteries (adult victims), adult missing persons, aggravated batteries, aggravated assaults, aggravated stalking investigations, and abuse of the elderly investigations.


Detective Judy has been a certified FDLE instructor since 1999 with the Southeastern Public Safety Academy (SEPSI), in the basic recruit academy, crossover academy, and In-Service (Advanced LEO) instructing in legal topics, report writing, criminal investigations, and communications.  Detective Judy is the lead instructor at SEPSI for Interview and Interrogation, Death and Injury Investigations, and Kinesics Interview Techniques. Detective Judy has also instructed nationwide courses for Interview and Interrogation and Criminal Investigations with the Multi-Jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force (MCTFT), sponsored by the Florida National Guard.

Course Expertise

  • Criminal Investigations