Daniel Darren

Corporal Daniel Darren began his Law Enforcement Career with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office on December 20, 2005.  Daniel attended the South West Florida Criminal Justice Academy in 2006, receiving his certification as a Certified Corrections Officer.  After working in the Corrections division for two years, Daniel attended the Basic Corrections to Law Enforcement Officer Crossover Academy, receiving his Certification in April of 2008.  Daniel transferred to Patrol in January of 2009.  During his Tenure in Patrol, Daniel began his specialized training in DUI Enforcement, Daniel led his shift in DUI arrests for the 4 years assigned there.  Daniel attended several specialized DUI classes, eventually becoming an agency instructor in DWI Detection.


In April of 2012, Daniel made the career move to become a member of the Safety and Traffic Enforcement Bureau.  Daniel was assigned to the night shift, allowing him to become more aggressive in seeking out dangerous, impaired drivers.  During his time in the unit, Daniel has instructed several DWI detection classes, attended several safety and DUI checkpoints as well as worked several Enhanced DUI Saturation Patrols. 


Daniel was accepted in the Drug Recognition Expert training in Jacksonville Florida in April of 2013.  Daniel endured a rigorous two weeks of information and procedural instruction, preparing for his final certification phase.  On July 25, 2013, Daniel completed his final certification becoming certified by the I.A.C.P. on August 1, 2013.


In August of 2015, Daniel transferred to the Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit full time, dropping to Alternate status on the DUI Taskforce.  During his time in the Marine Unit, Daniel has become the agency leader in BUI enforcement, using his skills in Impaired Driving Detection and applying them to the water.  Daniel attended the N.A.S.B.L.A. Seated SFSE BUI Detection Instructor training and trains several agencies across the state of Florida in the newly validated seated SFSE’s.   

In January of 2017, Daniel was accepted into the Drug Recognition Expert Instructor Program, becoming one of the three agency instructors for this program.

Course Expertise

  • Traffic/DUI