Luis Blasco

Corporal Luis Blasco is originally from Tampa where, prior to entering the police academy in 1999, he worked in the mental health and medical field for seventeen years.  Corporal Blasco is currently with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office where he is assigned to the Northern District as a Field Training Officer and is a staff instructor for the agency. Prior to working at Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office he worked at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office where he served in road patrol, hostage negotiator and the selective enforcement unit and prior to leaving he was in their Traffic Enforcement Unit where he served as the DUI coordinator for the county and the Agency Inspector of the Intoxilyzers.  Corporal Blasco is a Drug Recognition Expert/Instructor.  He is the DRE Agency Coordinator for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.


Deputy Blasco has served on the local DUI boards and has been recognized for his contributions in DUI enforcement by several organizations including MADD, the Palm Beach County Traffic Safety Coalition and the Drug Free Coalition.

Course Expertise

  • Traffic/DUI