Frank Imparato

Officer Frank Imparato began his law enforcement career in 1999 as a Law Enforcement Explorer with the City of Coral Springs Police Department.  In August of 2003, after completing high school, Officer Imparato was hired by the Coral Springs Police Department as Telecommunicator.  After two years in the communications unit, Officer Imparato was assigned to the road patrol unit and served as a civilian Traffic Accident Investigator. After some time in the road patrol unit, he was transferred back to communications where he remained for approximately 3 more years.

In 2010, he enrolled and successfully completed the Florida Basic Recruit Curriculum at Seminole State College in Sanford, Florida. In January 2011, he accepted a position with the University of Central Florida Police Department as a Police Communications Officer. In June 2011 he was promoted to Law Enforcement Officer and assigned to the communications unit. In August 2011, he was transferred to the road patrol unit.  During this time, Officer Imparato performed routine patrol, and participated in numerous special events.  Supervisors often called upon Officer Imparato to research, identify, and enforce traffic complaints.  Through these efforts, Officer Imparato routinely encountered suspected impaired drivers, and quickly became efficient in DUI Investigations.  He was recognized as UCF DUI Officer of the year in 2013. He was recognized as M.A.D.D.’s DUI Instructor of the year in 2015 and 2018. He was selected as Florida’s M.A.D.D. DUI Officer of the Year in 2017.

In an effort to improve his DUI investigation skills, Officer Imparato has continued his law enforcement education by attending Standard Field Sobriety Training, DUI Instructor, DUI Trial and Case Preparation, Advance Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE), and Drug Recognition Expert, and Drug Recognition Expert Instructor schools. 

Officer Imparato also serves his department as a Traffic Homicide Investigator, Instructor, and Field Training Officer. He speaks regularly to faculty, student, and community organizations about the dangers of impaired drivers. Currently he is assigned to the Community Partnership Unit where he interacts and engages with members of the UCF community, teaching Active Threat Response, Stop the Bleed, and Women’s Self Defense.

Officer Imparato also serves as the Vice-President for the Keri Anne DeMott Foundation. The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation was started by the DeMott family to honor Keri's memory and to share her story, with the goal to one day ending drunk and impaired driving. As a non-profit organization, the foundation continues Keri's passion of helping others by giving back to local community groups and national organizations that inspire, motivate, and help others.

Course Expertise

  • Traffic/DUI