Tonia D'Angelo

Tonia D’Angelo joined the IPTM Staff as an adjunct instructor in 2019 where she provides instruction on Adobe Photoshop courses. Tonia D’Angelo is currently employed in Florida with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as the Latent Print Unit Supervisor. She holds an active International Association of Identification (IAI) certification in Latent Print Examination and has worked in the field of fingerprints since 2001. Tonia also holds a certificate in Crime Scene Technology and an A.S. in Crime Scene Technology from St. Petersburg College, as well as a B.S. in Criminology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of South Florida. With almost 20 years of Law Enforcement experience, Tonia has advanced knowledge in many areas of criminal investigations to include handling and documenting evidence, overall crime scene processing, latent print processing/development techniques, fingerprint history, latent print examination, and courtroom presentation of evidence and expect testimony.

Along with the responsibility of training new examiners at her current agency, Tonia has previously taught a wide range of fingerprint topics to include Fingerprint Classification and History, Latent Fingerprint Development, and Latent Print Examination. She has taught at St. Petersburg College (SPC), the University of South Florida (USF), the NFSTC (National Forensic Science Training Center), and the University of Central Florida (UCF). She continues to provide in-house training to new law enforcement personnel, volunteers, and various agency academies.

Course Expertise

  • Crime Scene Forensics