Jerry Findley

Mr. Jerry Findley is presently the Owner and Lead Consultant of Findley and Associates, following his retirement as the Supervisor of the Medical/Legal Death Investigation and Forensic Science Training Section at the Georgia State Police Academy in Forsyth, Georgia.

His extensive forensic science training includes Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation, Advanced Bloodstain Patterns, and Crime Scene Reconstruction. He has also lectured on forensic topics all over the United States to Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and  has been published in the Identification Journal, Law and Order Magazine, Journal of Forensic Identification,  and the International Association of Blood Pattern Analyst Journal.

Mr. Findley has testified in court as an expert on latent prints, forensic photography, crime scene investigation and reconstruction, blood pattern analysis, and homicide/death investigation, resulting in appearances on New Detectives, Forensic Files, Forensics: You Decide, and ABC’s Front Line television shows.

Course Expertise

  • Crime Scene Forensics