Kevin Millan

Officer Kevin Millan has been a member the Miami Beach Police Department since 1994.  He has served in Uniform Patrol and Investigations.  As an Investigator, he has been assigned to investigate persons crimes ranging from robberies and rapes, to homicides.  He is currently assigned to the Traffic Homicide Unit.  As a Traffic Homicide Investigator, he has been the lead or assisted on hundreds of Traffic Homicide Investigations to include DUI Manslaughters and Vehicular Homicides.  He also serves as the DUI and DRE Coordinator for the Miami Beach Police Department. 

Officer Millan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Long Island University in New York.  He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve where he attained the rank of Captain.  He has over 3300 hours of specialized training in law enforcement and holds several different instructor certifications including, certificates from the I.A.C.P. and N.H.T.S.A. as a DRE Instructor and DRE Instructor, a certificate from the State of Florida as a Police Instructor.  He is a certified instructor primarily teaching Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Breath Testing, Accident Investigation, and D.R.E.

Officer Millan has been recognized by the Courts as an expert in the areas of Drug Recognition, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Breath Testing, and Accident Investigation.  He is a member of the DRE Section of the I.A.C.P. and is the DRE Region III Coordinator for the State of Florida.

Course Expertise

  • Traffic/DUI