Timothy Cornelius

Tim Cornelius started his career with the Collier County Sheriff's Office in 1992 as a civilian deputy progressing through corrections and into law enforcement.  After a short period as a member of the sheriff's office traffic unit, he was promoted to sergeant in the Impaired Driving Enforcement Section in 1999.  Currently, he supervises a shift of DUI enforcement deputies.  He has specialized training in traffic crash investigation, but his true passion is impaired driving enforcement.

Tim is a Drug Recognition Expert, Drug Recognition Expert Instructor, and Drug Recognition Expert Course Manager.  He teaches D.R.E., ARIDE, and standardized field sobriety exercise courses to law enforcement officers and has spoken to and provided instruction for many other groups.  He holds certification as a CMS Instructor and is an FDLE certified Intoxilyzer 8000 Breath Test Operator instructor.  He has participated in research studies relating to alcohol and breath testing and attended numerous conferences and other alcohol related courses.

Tim has a Master’s of Science in Management degree and is an adjunct professor with a local state college.  Additionally, he served in the U.S. Army National Guard in Florida and Indiana and retired in 2006 after twenty years’ service, including providing briefings related to impaired driving and its consequences.

Course Expertise

  • Traffic/DUI