Hans Lehman

Lieutenant Hans Lehman began his career in public safety in 1992 as a volunteer fire fighter/EMT with the Volusia County Fire Service while attending Stetson University.  Upon graduation, Lieutenant Lehman returned to Lakeland and worked as an EMT for Polk County EMS while attending the Police Academy.  Prior to being in the Traffic Unit at Lakeland Police Department, Lt. Lehman worked for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy in 1995 to 1996.

In 1996, Lt. Lehman was hired by Lakeland PD and served in the following capacities before being promoted; Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Domestic Violence Officer, Breath Test Operator, Explorer Advisor, Honor Guard and a member of the Community Policing Unit in public housing.

Lt. Lehman transferred to the Traffic Enforcement Section of the LPD in January 2000 as a Traffic Homicide Investigator. In October 2000, Lt. Lehman was added as the third person to the DUI Enforcement Unit.  Since being in the unit, he has made over 500 DUI arrests and conducted or been a part of over 150 drug evaluations on drivers impaired on drugs other than alcohol. Additionally, he has administered the SFST battery to well over 2500 suspected impaired drivers.

  He has received over 1000 hours of advanced traffic training with the emphasis being in the detection of impaired drivers. Lt. Lehman has completed the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DRE) sponsored by NHTSA and endorsed by IACP.  Lt. Lehman is a DUI/DRE Instructor and has taught numerous SFST and DRE schools, as well as In-Service Training to officers of the LPD.   Lt. Lehman is also the agency coordinator for DRE Program at LPD.  In 2003, Lt. Lehman obtained his Drug Impaired Training for Educations Professionals (DITEP) Instructor certification and in 2007, Lt. Lehman became an instructor for ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement).  Lt. Lehman has also been a member of Florida TAC (Technical Advisory Committee on DUI Enforcement and Prosecution) since 2002 and an Adjunct Instructor with IPTM and Polk State College since 2001.  From 2004 to 2009, Lt. Lehman was a Sergeant in Special Operations where he supervised the DUI Unit, Aviation Unit, Honor Guard, Dive Team, K-9 Unit and Special Event Management and planning.

As a Lieutenant, he has served as a shift commander and was in charge of the Field Training Program and DRE Program from 2009 to 2011.  From 2011 to 2013, Lt Lehman was the Officer In Charge of the Office of Professional Standards.  Internal Affairs and Accreditation were both components of OPS and during this, he oversaw several high profile administration investigations and successfully guided the agency state (CFA) accreditation and national (CALEA) accreditation.  He also created the first ever Sergeants Academy for newly promoted Sergeants

Currently, Lt. Lehman is the Officer In Charge of Community Services which includes the School Resource Unit, Crime Prevention Unit, Court Liaison and Juvenile Services Coordinator, and Special Event Management Unit which is responsible for all large scale event planning for the agency.

Lt. Lehman has a Master’s Degree from Troy University and a Bachelor of Arts from Stetson University and is a Certified Public Manager.  He also attended the 126th Administrative Officer Course at the Southern Police Institute of the University of Louisville and the Police Executive Research Forum’s Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP).  This prestigious course was held on the campus of Boston University and taught by several professors from the Harvard Kenney School of Government.



Course Expertise

  • Leadership and Management
  • Online Training
  • Traffic/DUI