Benjamin Baughman

Dr. Ben Baughman is a former Raleigh Police (RPD) Sergeant and currently a North Carolina Justice Academy (NCJA) Instructor.  After 15 years (1998-2013) with the RPD, Ben Baughman moved back to the United Kingdom (UK) to complete his PhD in Investigative Psychology.  Throughout his career in law enforcement he served in the following capacities; Patrol Officer, Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator and Coordinator, State Certified Instructor, Crime Analyst, Detective and Sergeant. 

During a departmental paradigm shift to COMPSTAT, Ben read Criminal Shadows by Dr. David Canter and was immediately drawn to his revolutionary approach to applied science in criminal psychology.  In 2006, Ben enrolled at the University of Liverpool to pursue a Master of Science in Investigative Psychology.  While studying and living in Liverpool, he explored patterns and trends in the spatial behavior of offenders, the development of generalized models of criminal geographical activity, forensic psychology and the utilization of geographical profiling.  His Master's Thesis was in the area of hostage/barricaded negotiations. His research found a significant difference in the length of a negotiation involving subjects with a violent criminal history compared to all other subjects.

Ben Baughman followed Professor Canter to the University of Huddersfield to continue his research in the area of criminal sexual behaviors.  Ben recently completed his PhD in Investigative Psychology after successfully defending his thesis; A Study of Rape Investigation Files Involving Female Survivors: A Comparison of Allegations Deemed False and Genuine.  Among several findings, his research has identified eight statistically significant variables which can be used in combination to produce a Behavioral Profile Score (BPS) for a reported rape. A BPS may be used to assist an investigation through systematically displaying cases more indicative of being a genuine or false rape allegation.

In 2013, Ben joined the NCJA to utilize his experience, academic focus and research skills to train with other professionals.  He earned his General Instructor Certificate from the State of North Carolina in 2003 and has subsequently instructed officers in a multitude of areas such as investigating sexual deviant behavior, hostage negotiations, crisis management, and leadership courses.  Additionally, he has taught courses in the application of Investigative Psychology in multiple cities throughout the UK.

Course Expertise

  • Criminal Investigations