Symposium on Traffic Safety Topics and Presenters

June 3-6  |  Orlando, Florida

You won't want to miss the Southeast's largest Traffic Safety Conference! Join more than 400 Crash Investigation/Reconstruction and DUI/Traffic Enforcement professionals from June 3-6 at IPTM's Symposium on Traffic Safety! Expand your knowledge by choosing from crash and/or DUI/Traffic Enforcement breakout sessions and maximize your learning with hands-on activities such as live instrumented crash testing!


  • Two Concurrent Tracks:
    • Crash Investigation & Reconstruction  |  DUI & Traffic Enforcement
  • 40+ speakers and 80 sessions so you can attend sessions in both tracks!
  • Victim Impact Panel General Session
  • Live, instrumented crash testing
  • Exhibit hall, showcasing the latest highway safety products and services
  • Exceptional networking opportunities
  • FREE Pre-Conference ACTAR Prep Workshop provided by Rich Consulting LLC
  • Bonus Post-Conference DUI/DRE training*
  • Conference fee is only $795 (Florida officers, click here for discount.)

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    Crash Investigation & Reconstruction Sessions

    Advanced Investigative Techniques

    • 21st Century Scene Documentation (Robert S. "Steve" McKinzie)
    • A Case in Review: Vehicular Homicide Cases (Dale B. Drummond)
    • Crash Injury Analysis: Background and Case Studies (Jeffrey A. Pike)
    • Crash Reconstruction and the Highly Automated Vehicle (Alan Moore, P.E.)
    • Drag Factors: Skid Testing from a New Vehicle Technology Perspective (Brad Muir)
    • Inline Collisions Solved Using Simultaneous Equations (Nathan Shigemura)
    • Load Shift and Rollover Collisions (W.A. "Bill" Focha)
    • The Effects of Pedestrian Deceleration Rates in Roadside Grass/Bushes
      on Projectile Speed Analysis (Mike W. Reade)
    • Vehicle Speed Calculation from Recorded Video (Brandon Epstein)
    • Vehicle System Forensics in Crash Reconstruction (Wesley Vandiver)
    • Video Analysis for Collision Reconstruction (Bobby J. Mullinax)

    Event Data Recorder (EDR)

    • Case Studies Using EDR Information (Richard R. Ruth)
    • EDR Data and Video Images: Synchronization and Analysis (Giok Park)
    • EDR Update 2019 (Richard R. Ruth)

    New Technology

    • ADS Vehicle and Active Safety System Data Recorders (Don Floyd)
    • Cell Phone Call and Tower Mapping in Crash Investigations (Robert Wyman)
    • Chip Level Digital Forensics of Heavy Vehicle Electronic Control Units (Jeremy Daily, Duy Van)
    • Integrating Aerial and Terrestrial Scan Data for Crash Scene Reconstruction (Andrew S. Klane)
    • sUAS (Drones) and Live Stream Integration (John Nunes)
    • Usage and Benefits of sUAS (Drones) in Crash Reconstruction (John Nunes)
    • The Use of ELD and Telematics Data in the Reconstruction of a Collision (Scott E. Skinner)

    Live Demonstrations!

    • Instrumented Crash Testing Sponsored by RIEGL

    DUI & Traffic Enforcement Sessions

    Advanced DRE/DUI Topics

    • Chasing the Electric Cloud: The Evolution of the Electronic Cigarette (Roman Serrano)
    • DRE Evaluations
    • Over the Counter, Under the Influence (John Cullen)

    DUI Enforcement

    • Barracuda Packs: Utilizing the DUI Officer for Saturation Patrols on the Water
      (Daniel Darren)
    • Cannabis Trends (Luis Lopez)
    • Dealing with Female Impaired Drivers
    • DUI Open Forum Q&A
    • Energy Drinks
    • Introduction to the Seated Field Sobriety Exercises (Daniel Darren)
    • Medical Conditions that Mimic Impairment (Allan Kolak)
    • The 24-7 Sobriety Program: Saving Lives and Reducing Costs (Steve Talpins)

    Florida Legal Updates

    • Florida Breath Test Update
    • Florida DUI Case Law Update (Ben Fox)
    • Florida Legislative Update (Peter Stoumbelis)

    Traffic Enforcement

    • Cutting Edge Technology and Community Involvement in Combating Distracted Driving
      (Candace Lightner, Ben Lieberman)
    • Death Notification: Delivering the News with Compassion (Laura Dean-Mooney)
    • Traffic Stop Challenges: The Art of Drug Interdiction (Harry Walters)
    • Officer Down: The Stress of Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma (April Lott)

    Hands-On Demonstrations! 

    • Identifying and Making Threat Assessments During Traffic Stops (George Pacheco)

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      Bonus Post-Conference DUI/DRE Training!

      (Post-Conference Training Information)

      • DRE Recertification
      • Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for Law Enforcement
      • DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) Instructor Update
      • DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) Refresher

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