IPTM Welcomes Tim Cornelius

The Institute of Police Technology and Management is pleased to welcome Tim Cornelius as the new IPTM Impaired Driving and Traffic Enforcement Training Coordinator. He has a 15-year history as an IPTM adjunct instructor in the DUI and DRE Programs. Tim will be coordinating our Impaired Driving grant-related training and Traffic Enforcement program to include all aspects of Patrol Operations and specialized training. Tim joins IPTM's Carol Jolly on the impaired driving enforcement and education team, with Carol coordinating the IPTM DRE Program and Tim the DUI and Traffic Enforcement Programs.

Tim Cornelius began his law enforcement career with the Collier County (FL) Sheriff's Office in 1992. His early experience serving his agency in both corrections and later as a patrol officer gave him a well-rounded initiation into a 28-year career. A passion for DUI enforcement led to a promotion to sergeant in the CCSO Impaired Driving Enforcement Section in 1999. Before his recent retirement from the CCSO, he supervised DUI enforcement deputies.

Tim is a Drug Recognition Expert and Drug Recognition Expert Instructor who has conducted training for IPTM in all areas of impaired driving. Consequently, he has been a natural fit with his career experience and knowledge to provide training for IPTM as an SFST and ARIDE instructor during that same time frame. He is a regular conference and community speaker on the topic of impaired driving issues. He has participated in research studies relating to alcohol and breath testing and attended numerous conferences and other alcohol-related courses.

Tim has a Masters of Science in management and adjunct professor experience with a local Collier County state college. He holds certification as a CMS Instructor and is an FDLE-Certified Intoxilyzer 8000 Breath Test Operator instructor. Additionally, he served in the U.S. Army National Guard in Florida and Indiana and retired in 2006 after 20 years’ service, including providing briefings related to impaired driving and its consequences.

You can reach Tim by email or at (904) 620-47860.