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IPTM's publications perfectly compliment lessons learned in our courses. Our publications are written and curated by experts with years of experience in their field and our convenient templates have become the standard for crash investigation diagramming. 

Below are some of our newest publications and reference tools. Save 10% if you order 10 or more of the same item! Click on the title for details.


 FTO Program Standardized Evaluation Guidelines   Patrol FTO Program Standardized Evaluation Guidelines

Popularly known by FTOs as the “Little Blue Book,” this 3.5”x4.5” document contains all 30 of the Standardized Evaluation Guidelines (S.E.G.s) used to evaluate a trainee.

Each guideline corresponds to a D.O.R. evaluation category and includes a description of what constitutes unacceptable, acceptable or superior levels of trainee performance.

Every officer who has attended IPTM’s Managing the Patrol FTO Program and Field Training Officer courses received one copy of this book. Many have asked how to get more. Now, you can purchase as many copies as you need. Price: $2.50

Skeletal Clipboard   Skeletal and Grave Site Reference Clipboard

Take this handy clipboard with you when called upon to process skeletal remains or clandestine graves. The front has a labeled diagram of the major bones in an adult human skeleton and a corresponding checklist. The back has an easy to follow instructional diagram for creating either a 10'x10' or 12'x12' grave site grid as well as the primary steps to process a clandestine grave. You can make notes of the bones as you find them—right on the clipboard! Price: $14.95

Essentials_of_Traffic_Crash_Investigation   Essentials of Traffic Crash Investigation
by Neil F. Robar and George L. Ruotolo

This manual is the foundation and the first in a three-part series of texts designed to develop the skills of police officers—transforming them from those who simply fill out crash reports into ones who investigate and ultimately reconstruct crashes. The goal of this book is to familiarize you with crash scene and crash vehicle evidence, to detail the procedures to document that evidence, and to interpret the meaning of the evidence. The 13 chapters are arranged in a logical investigative order and follow the sequence of IPTM’s At-Scene Traffic Crash/Traffic Homicide Investigation curriculum. (384 p.) Price: $100
Buried_Bodies_Reference_Guide   Buried Bodies and Surface Skeletons Quick Reference Guide

This handy 6-page laminated guide can be used whenever you are summoned to locate the possibility of human remains. It includes a human skeleton diagram and checklist, step-by-step guide to create a graveside grid, equipment checklist, and more. It's laminated to protect it from the elements and continual use. Price: $10
 Commerical_Motor_Vehicle_Glossary   Commercial Motor Vehicles: A Glossary of Terms and Definitions, Common Abbreviations and Acronyms
by Walter Dobson

This publication will assist anyone who may be called upon to investigate crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. It is a comprehensive glossary containing the most common terms you will encounter when dealing with commercial motor vehicles and their components. Slang terms and industry abbreviations are included. Some of the definitions include photos to help you quickly identify specific trailer types and vehicle parts. (132 p.) Price: $35
 Formula_Workbook_2nd_Edition   Formula Workbook for Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction 2nd Edition, by Gary Stephens

This revised and expanded manual is the most current and comprehensive formula workbook for crash investigators and reconstructionists. With more than 100 formulas, from the very basic—minimum speed, slide to stop, and drag factor—to the more complex—vector sum analysis, crush, and brake force, this workbook will help you practice your math skills and facilitate keeping those skills honed. It will also provide the novice with easily understood formulas and concepts for practical application in the field. (314 p.) Price: $50
 Rollover_Crashes_2ndEd   Rollover Crashes of Motor Vehicles and Heavy Trucks
2nd Edition, by Lt. Joseph Cofone

This newly revised and expanded manual will serve as a guide for anyone investigating and reconstructing rollover crashes. Although intended primarily for law enforcement crash investigators and reconstructionists, it may be a helpful tool for trucking industry safety officers, insurance investigators, and private practice crash reconstructionists. General vehicle roll dynamics for automobiles and heavy trucks are discussed along with methods to estimate a vehicle’s minimum rollover speed, and much more. (162 p.) Price: $40
 IPTM_Challenge_Coin   Souvenir IPTM Coins

Challenge coins are a traditional symbol of teamwork and achievement. Now you can add the first IPTM challenge coin to your collection. 1.5" diameter with roped edges. Price: $9.95
 Drivers_Responses_in_Emergency_Situations   Drivers' Responses in Emergency Situations
A Quick Reference

by Jeffery W. Muttart

The science of driver behavior is complex in that drivers respond differently when facing different environments and driving scenarios. This reference guide will help you quickly access decades of research pertaining to human factors in easy-to-ready charts and figures. The book is organized so you can evaluate a driver’s behavior in steps. (115 p.) Price: $40
 Tire_Conditions_Manual   Passenger and Light Truck Tire Conditions Manual

This clear, easy-to-read manual will assist everyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of the potential causes of different tire conditions. This is the book used by engineers in virtually every tire manufacturing company. (200 p.) Price: $285
 Adv_Traffic_Crash_Analysis_2ndEd   Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis
by Neil F. Robar and George L. Ruotolo

This is an expanded and updated version of its predecessor, our popular Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis manual. In addition to four new chapters, updated photos and charts, and nearly 100 more pages, there is a 500± word Glossary—one of the most comprehensive in any text or reference manual on the topic of crash reconstruction. It was created to bridge the gap between At-Scene Traffic Crash Investigation and Traffic Crash Reconstruction while following the learning objectives of IPTM’s Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation course. (451 p.) Price: $100
 360-Degree-175x175   Conservation of Linear Momentum 360-Degree Method
by Neil F. Robar and George L. Ruotolo

This booklet was written to supplement Chapter 11 of the Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis 2nd edition manual. Containing photos, illustrations and examples in both U.S. and S.I. units, it begins where Chapter 11 ends and explains how to calculate speeds at impact—V1 and V2—using the 360-Degree Method. You will be able to mathematically apply Linear Momentum to many typical crashes under investigation using these techniques. (16 p.) Price: $10
 Investigation_of_Fatal_Pedestrian_Hit-and-Run_Collisions   The Investigation of Fatal Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Collisions
2nd Edition, by Lt. Joseph Cofone

This revised manual will serve as a guide for anyone who investigates pedestrian hit-and-run collisions. The information is also designed as a reference for those charged with establishing departmental investigative procedures for pedestrian hit-and-run collisions. (37 p.) Price: $14
 12_STep_Matrix   DRE-12S Matrix Card

The DRE-12S pocket-sized card provides a quick reference of the 12-step process and a half moon style pupillometer. The DRE average ranges are listed for easy reference. General observations and a table for pupil size – average and mean – are included.
Price: $6
 Drug_Category_Matrix   DRE 4C Matrix Card

The DRE 4C 0415 pocket-sized reference card provides the DRE with a complete drug matrix, including all general indicators, duration of effects, overdose signs and a pupillometer. Price $6
 ARIDE_Matrix   A.R.I.D.E. Matrix Card

The ARIDE pocket-sized reference card provides the officer with a pupillometer to estimate pupil size, a matrix of each category of drugs and how they might affect the HGN, VGN, LOC and pupil sizes. There is also a list of the general indicators that might be seen for each category of drugs. Price: $6
 IPTM_DUI-DRE_Reference_Clipboard   DUI/DRE Reference Clipboard

The new DUI/DRE Clipboard provides a quick reference for DUI Enforcement Officers and Drug Recognition Experts (DREs). The front includes the most current DRE Matrix, DRE average ranges for eye exams and other clinical evaluations. The back provides a checklist for the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) procedures. Price: $14.95
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