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Field Training Officer & Telecommunications Training

IPTM's field training programs offer an innovative approach to deliver a dynamic, hard-hitting and fast-paced classroom experience that will prepare you to successfully train and mentor a new recruit. Our telecommunications courses will provide you with the best and latest practices to use when training new telecommunicators and managing your communications center. Learn more.

IPTM Welcomes Nancy Sulinski

IPTM is pleased to welcome Nancy Sulinski as the new Coordinator of Criminal Investigations and Crime Scene Forensics programs. In this role, Nancy will be responsible for classroom instruction, recruiting instructors, scheduling, and supporting the current Subject Matter Experts.

Big News: Online Training Upgrade

We're excited to announce the upgrade and expansion of our online training programs. Our courses are being refreshed and migrated to Canvas, a cloud-native Learning Management System (LMS) used by most major universities. Canvas has a clean and simple layout, making it easy to navigate. It's mobile friendly and has an accompanying app for iOS and Android users. Registrations will continue as normal, with classes beginning on January 9, 2018.



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NEW Grant-Funded Courses
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Telecommunications FTO
  4/2, Clearwater, FL

DRE School
  4/9, Dave, FL

At-Scene Traffic Crash/Homicide Inv.
  4/23, Fort Myers

Problem Solving/Time-Distance Analysis
  5/25, Orlando, FL

Tire Forensics & Crash Recon
  5/25, Orlando, FL

Field Training Officer
  6/4, Scott, LA

Undercover Drug Enforcement
  6/4, Jacksonville, FL

Media Management
  6/11, Jacksonville, FL

Adv. Narcotics Investigation
  6/11, Jacksonville, FL

Adv. Traffic Crash Investigation
  6/18, Largo, Florida

At-Scene Traffic Crash/Homicide Inv.
  7/16, Daytona Beach, FL

Homicide Investigation
  7/23, Phoenix, AZ

Management of the K-9 Unit
  8/13, Lakewood, NJ

Admin Investigations for First Line Supervisors
  8/27, Marietta, GA

Adv. Homicide Investigation
  9/5, Scott, LA

Ped/Bicycle Crash Investigation, Level II
  9/10, West Chester, OH

Traffic Crash Reconstruction Update
  10/1, West Chester, OH 

Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  10/8, Jacksonville, FL