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    Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program

    What is a DRE?

    A Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) is an officer who has received specialized training and has been certified by the International Association of Chief's of Police to evaluate suspects and determine:

    1. If the subject is impaired
    2. What drug category(s) is/are causing the impairment
    3. If a medical condition is causing the impairment

    There are over 5,000 officers certified world wide…..this is less than 1/10 of 1 percent of all certified law enforcement officers.

    What does it take to become a certified DRE?

    The Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program has received international acclaim for its success in identifying the drug-impaired individual. Although the focus of the DRE curricula is on the identification of the drug-impaired driver, DRE skills are applied to many different law enforcement activities. These activities include screening of any individual who maybe under the influence of drugs such as students in our school system. In addition, DREs are frequently called upon to differentiate between drug influence and medical and/or mental disorders. The certified DRE is an extremely valuable tool for combating the adverse impact of drugs on the communities we serve.

    DRE school is extremely demanding and is by application only.  Once an officer becomes a DRE, recertification is required every two years.  After the first recertification, a DRE can apply to become an instructor.  Complete information for each course can be found by clicking the appropriate links below:


    Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) School


    DRE Recertification Training


    DRE Instructor


    For more information, please visit The International Drug Evaluation & Classification Program website.

    Regional CoordinatorsFlorida DRE county map

    Florida DRE Coordinator

    Mr. Darrell Edmonds
    Institute of Police Technology and Management

    Region I

    Detective John Cullen 
    Jacksonville Sheriffs Office  

    Region II  

    Sgt. Allan Kolak
    Cape Coral Police Department  

    Region III  

    Officer Kevin Millan
    Miami Beach Police Department  

    The DRE Program is funded for Florida officers by the Florida Department of Transportation.