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IPTM Divisions

Originally created to provide management and traffic training to law enforcement officers, IPTM expanded its programs to include Criminal Investigation, Crime Scene Forensics, Hostage and Crisis Negotiation, Drug Investigation, and a number of specialty programs.

We provide more than 400 courses yearly to approximately 7,000 law enforcement professionals from all over the world. The IPTM instructional team consists of professionals who possess a blend of practical law enforcement skills, years of police training experience, and quality academic credentials.

We deliver classroom instruction on the University of North Florida campus in Jacksonville, online, or on-site at your agency. Below is an overview of our programs, with links to view course titles, descriptions and other details. On-site training can be customized and tailored to meet your specific needs. Please contact us at or (904) 620-4786 to discuss how we might assist you with your law enforcement training needs.

Crash Investigation and Reconstruction

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IPTM's largest division is built upon a series of three 80-hour courses that will teach you everything from the fundamentals of traffic homicide investigation to the accurate and detailed reconstruction of a collision. Building upon this three part series, our specialized courses will demonstrate how to apply your skills to a variety of different crash situations and how to use the very latest technology to aid in your investigation.

Crime Scene Forensics

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Focusing on the latest state-of-the-art techniques in evidence recovery, you will learn how to recognize, document, collect, preserve and analyze a variety of physical evidence. We'll teach you how to use scientific methods, evidence analysis and deductive reasoning to determine the series of events in  a variety of crimes. Multiple hands-on exercises during these courses will give you the opportunity to practice what you learned during classroom lectures. 

Criminal Investigations

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IPTM's criminal investigation courses will teach you how to conduct professional and comprehensive investigations of a variety of criminal activities. Our expert instructional team will show you the very latest investigatory techniques and best practices in use today. These courses are designed for newly assigned and seasoned detectives, supervisors and patrol officers.

Drug Investigations

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Designed to keep you on the leading edge of drug investigations, these courses will teach you specialized and technical skills to combat the constantly evolving, widespread drug-related problems in our society. You'll learn how to legally investigate those suspected of criminal activity, how to safely approach those subjects and how to increase your arrest and prosecution rates - all while focusing on officer safety.  

DUI Enforcement

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Designed to help you recognize the signs of impairment, courses in this section can help you determine whether the impairment is due to drugs, alcohol or a combination of both. You will learn how to properly evaluate the suspect and properly administer standardized field tests. Instructors can learn how to teach these skills and foster both safe and professional attitudes.

Field Training Officer

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Courses in IPTM's field training officer section feature legally defendable and standardized training and evaluation processes that are being used across the country. You can learn how to create or update your FTO program as well as protect it from civil liability exposure. We'll provide you with best practices so that you can build a stronger, more effective FTO program. 

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Online Training

IPTM's online instruction system enables both stand-alone online training programs as well as instructional support to our classroom courses. Our instructor led training courses are more than just "page turners." Each course is interactive, instructor led and divided into weekly (or daily) modules. While there are deadlines for specific assignments, there are no required times to be online. Five to eight hours each week (or day) is required. Throughout the class, IPTM's staff of expert instructors will be your guides and be available to assist you at every step along the way.

Unlike instructor led training, our independent study courses and Videos on Demand (VoDs) allow you to proceed at your own pace within the time frames of the specific classes. The time commitments and project work necessary to complete these courses will vary.

Hostage and Crisis Programs

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This unit is built upon a series of three progressive Hostage Crisis Negotiations courses that will take you from the fundamentals of negotiation, through working as part of a team, to more advanced aspects such as leading a team and managing crisis incidents. You'll learn the most current trends, technology and techniques used in successful negotiations and will participate in challenging, team-oriented, scenario-driven practical exercises as you learn to handle a multitude of crisis situations.

Leadership and Management

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Designed for enhancing existing leadership skills of line supervisors and middle managers, while providing training to those who are new to leadership positions or striving to become leaders in their organizations. IPTM's leadership and management courses will prepare you to be a successful leader in law enforcement and public safety agencies. We will show you proven methods for increasing organization efficiency and effectiveness as well as ways to manage the change necessary in today's era of shrinking resources. You will also learn how to achieve and maintain the high standards of a progressive and professional organization. 

Marine Law Enforcement

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Our Marine Law Enforcement courses, designed for uniformed marine patrol officers, cover marine traffic law enforcement operations, boating collisions and investigation, boating under the influence, and other topics related to working in the marine environment. 

Tactical Operations

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These courses will arm you with the tactical skills to handle a variety of high-risk situations. Filled with numerous practical exercises, you will learn the proper procedures for executing warrants, door breaching, building entries and searches, subject takedowns and much more. These courses will benefit officers assigned to the SWAT team, narcotics and gang units as well as patrol officers, investigators, and supervisors of those units.

Telecommunications and Dispatch

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IPTM's dispatch and communication courses will teach you the best and latest practices to use when training new dispatchers and managing your communications center. You will be presented with legally defendable standardized evaluation procedures that can protect you and your agency in the event of future legal challenges. For supervisors, the courses will equip you with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to lead your center successfully into the future.

Traffic Enforcement

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Whether you are a patrol officer, instructor, or supervisor, IPTM has a traffic enforcement course designed for you. From recognizing the signs of impairment to the latest interdiction techniques, officers can learn useful skills to apply on every traffic stop. Instructors can learn how to teach these skills and foster both safe and professional attitudes while supervisors can learn how to use data-driven resource deployment to make our roadways and our communities safer.