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IPTM Welcomes John Cullen

July 21, 2023

Headshot of John Cullen with American Flag

Criminal Investigation & Crime Scene Forensics Training Coordinator

We are pleased to welcome Detective John Cullen of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) as the new training coordinator of our Criminal Investigation and Crime Scene Forensics programs. He will be responsible for classroom instruction, recruiting instructors, scheduling, and supporting the current subject matter experts. He will also be charged with developing new classroom and online courses in our ongoing effort to meet the generational needs of today's law enforcement professionals. 

John is a longtime IPTM instructor with 30 years of law enforcement experience. He taught numerous IPTM impaired driving courses as well as The New Detective, an online course he developed to share criminal investigation best practices to newly appointed detectives. He is currently assigned to JSO's Integrity/Special Investigations Unit, which is responsible for investigating complex criminal investigations.

John can be reached by email. View upcoming courses.


Detective John D. Cullen began his law enforcement career in 1993 while attending the Northeast Florida Criminal Justice Training and Education Center in Jacksonville, Florida. He has worked for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office since 1994. After 11 months in the corrections division, he was assigned to the patrol division where he spent over five years working the midnight shift. During this time, he performed routine patrol, and participated in tactical deployments involving robbery, burglary, and traffic.

Supervisors often called upon Detective Cullen to research, identify, and enforce traffic complaints. Through these efforts, Detective Cullen routinely encountered suspected impaired drivers, and quickly became efficient in DUI investigations. In September of 2001, Detective Cullen joined the DUI Enforcement Unit, where he received several awards for “Outstanding Performance in DUI Enforcement.” Detective Cullen has been recognized as an Expert in numerous divisions of the 4th Judicial Circuit. He began teaching for IPTM In 2005.

In July 2009, Detective Cullen transferred to the Department of Investigations and Homeland Security, where he has served in Burglary, Robbery, and Homicide. He is currently assigned to the Integrity/Special Investigations Unit, which is responsible for investigating complex criminal investigations. Detective Cullen still maintains an active role in DUI Enforcement and the Drug Recognition Expert Program. Detective Cullen serves as the Drug Recognition Expert Regional Coordinator for Region 1 in Florida.