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Crime Scene Forensics/Criminal Investigations Training

The latest Crime Scene Forensics/Criminal Investigations schedule is available! This week we've featured Using Genetic Genealogy to Solve Your Cold Case (VoD) and Crime Scene Reconstruction. Open to learn more.

Field Training Officer & Telecommunications Training

IPTM's field training programs offer an innovative approach to deliver a dynamic, hard-hitting and fast-paced classroom experience that will prepare you to successfully train and mentor a new recruit. Our telecommunications courses will provide you with the best and latest practices to use when training new telecommunicators and managing your communications center.

Traffic & DUI Enforcement Training

There are numerous Traffic & DUI Enforcement courses on the schedule, including three new Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for Law Enforcement courses, DDACTS, ARIDE, SFSTs, DRE, Laser/RADAR, Marine Enforcement Operations and two new advanced motorcycle courses! Plus, several courses are free for Florida LEOs!

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Adv. Analysis of Drivers' Responses
  8/16, West Chester, OH

DWI Detection & SFST Instructor Development*
  8/19, Largo, FL

DWI Detection & SFST*
  8/19, Fort Myers, FL

  8/22, Fort Myers, FL

Human Factors in Traffic Crash Recon
  9/16, Irvine, CA

DWI Detection & SFST*
  9/16, Pensacola, FL

  9/19, Pensacola, FL

Burglary/Robbery Investigations
  9/23, Altamonte Springs, FL

Homicide Investigation
  10/14, Conyers, GA

Marine Enforcement Operations - Level I
  11/11, Winter Park, FL

Occupant Kinematics for TCR
  11/18, Jacksonville, FL