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Finish 2018 Strong!

Have you met your 2018 professional development goals? We're here for you with more than 50 courses available through the end of the year in – crash, criminal and drug investigations, crime scene forensics, FTO, hostage negotiations, leadership and management, tactical operations, traffic and DUI enforcement, and 10 new webinars. Let us help you achieve your 2018 training goals!

Hostage Crisis Negotiation, Drug Investigation, Tactical Operations Training

The Crisis Negotiation, Drug Investigation and Tactical Operations newsletter provides a snapshot of courses being offered throughout the remainder of 2018 including the popular Drug Unit Commanderand updated Hostage Crisis Negotiations - Level I and II courses. 

Field Training Officer & Telecommunications Training

IPTM's field training programs offer an innovative approach to deliver a dynamic, hard-hitting and fast-paced classroom experience that will prepare you to successfully train and mentor a new recruit. Our telecommunications courses will provide you with the best and latest practices to use when training new telecommunicators and managing your communications center.



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  Symposium on
     Traffic Safety

New Webinars!

Driving in Crisis: Assessing the Mentally Impaired Driver

DUI from a Defense Perspective

Florida DUI Case Law Update

UAVs in Crash Reconstruction

Compassionate Medical Cannabis - What it Means to the FL Officer

Determining Speed from Gear Position

Forensic Evidence in Traffic Crash Fatalities

Investigation of Pedestrian Collisions

Needle in a Haystack: The Unsolvable Hit-and-Run

Prosecuting the Drugged Driver

* Just Scheduled * 

Adv. Traffic Crash Investigation
  2/18/19, Fort Myers, FL

Courtroom Testimony
  2/25, Jacksonville, FL

Crimes Against Children
  3/4, Jacksonville, FL

Crash Investigation Series
  3/4/19, Apex, NC

Crash Investigation Series
  3/18/19, Keizer, OR

Police Applicant Background Investigation
  4/1/19, Chantilly, VA

7 Crash Investigation Courses
  3/25/18, Lawrence, IN

Undercover Drug Inestigations
  4/29/18, Jacksonville, FL

Crash Investigation Series
  5/13/19, Sulphur, LA

Drug Unit Commander
  5/13/19, Jacksonville, FL

Occupant Kinematics for the TCR
  5/13/19, Scott, LA

Traffic Crash Reconstruction
  6/17/19, Fort Myers, FL

Occupant Kinematics for the TCR
  7/15/19, Tempe, AZ